Check this clutch out!

Topshop and monki.

Jag har köpt nya saker idag, en vit fin tee och en kavaj. En klänning också. Jag hittade allt på en halvtimme, så går det när man för första gången i sitt liv tjänar pengar.

18 karat gold would save a lonely soul, but she don't sleep at night.

keep it simple. add lots of jewelery.


How to make a good friday evening come true.

Some fringes, gold, high heels and a nice blazer is really all you need. Exept friends, of course.

Min syster har köpt den. Klänningen här ovanför. Bra tycker jag, hoppas bara at jag får låna den en vacker dag. Jag fyller snart år också. Gissa när, vetja.

I just feel like lying in my bed and eating chocolate cake. My head feels like it will explode any minute. I had fun yesterday though.

Darligs, you still have som time to dress up and go out partying. So do it! I love those killerheels. The bra aswell. And the tanktop, and the mask and the jeans. I simply would love wearing this outfit.

I have lots to do today: find a costume, do some schoolwork, meet friends, party. but first: eat breakfast.

add a pair of trashy tights.

Cold and grey outside. Dark inside. I'm just tired. Let's go to sleep.

I could use some fur. Some leopardlegs and a nice bag. Kate Moss-dress and heels. Thankyou.

Up waaay too early, but at least the sun is shining.

Just give me some clothes and I'll put them on. Promise.

eating tacos. watching tv. longing for something more.

simply no inspiration today. but I bought lots of new stuff though.

reindeers and footballsocks is one of the mixtures I love.

Eating pasta. Listening to oasis. Watching gossip girl. Just a ordinary sunday evening.

golden watch. sequin hat. fake fur. wet look leggings. heels. random tee.

All I need for this evening.

dreampurse shoes fuckoff-tee nice jacket and lotsofsequins

snyggaste kläderna någonsin.

Alla mina oreo-cookies är slut, mangosmoothien aswell. Nu ska jag kolla in Vänner.

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